design, manufacture and service a wide range of fillers for the beverage, foodand dairy industries.
Galvani has developed a cutting-edge aseptic filling technology for sensitive beverage filling under aseptic conditions.
We are specialized in the design and manufacture of innovative filling solutions used by major Biopharmaceutical and Beverage companies.
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What's Aseptic Filling?

The bottling and packaging of foodstuffs can be performed in innumerable ways, depending on the type of drink, substance or food to be packaged. An increasing number of drinks are bottled in sterile conditions since this method does not harm the product but permits conservation in an unaltered state for a greater length of time by completely excluding the presence of micro organisms and oxygen. This is clearly also true of fresh foodstuffs in that such process ensures that the foods remain safe to eat, fresh and flavoursome for several months. The key features of a hygienic bottling and packaging process are created through use of one of the following products:

Filter Fan Units

Filter Fan Units  - Picture

To guarantee a higher level of reliability and efficiency of the filtering system.

more info about Filter Fan Units


Guards  - Picture

Modular, perimeter protection systems, especially designed for application on filling machines.

more info about Guards

Flow Covers

Flow Covers  - Picture

The least expensive and most effective solution to close off, pressurise and decontaminate.

more info about Flow Covers

Aseptic Cabins

Aseptic Cabins  - Picture

Controlled contamination cabins expressly studied to protect aseptic process machines.

more info about Aseptic Cabins

Ultra Clean

Ultra Clean  - Picture

Controlled contamination cabins used to protect special bottling processes.

more info about Ultra Clean

Aseptic Rooms

Aseptic Rooms  - Picture

The highest degree of aseptic environment.

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